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Transitioning out of homelessness is about much more than moving into a new apartment. It’s about reclaiming dignity, rejoining community, and starting a new life. Mentors play an vital role in the process of transition by providing emotional and moral support, compassionate listening, connections to resources, and the invaluable gift of friendship.

By connecting volunteer mentors with individuals transitioning out of homelessness, our mentorship program offers the encouragement and relational support that people need to permanently stay off the streets. In the process, both people learn from each other and make a new friend. What might seem simple—having a supportive mentor to talk to about life—can truly make the difference between homelessness and long-term stability.

Brian & Doug - paired in February 2018

Person-to-person mentoring relationships improve lives by helping people develop the life skills and social connections they need to integrate into positive communities; maintain their housing, employment, and recovery; and live fuller, healthier lives.​

Our volunteer mentors...

  • make a 6-month commitment

  • meet weekly for quality time

  • provide compassionate listening and encouragement, not professional case management or therapy

We provide our mentors with...

  • training

  • ongoing coaching and support

  • connections to additional resources

  • a uniquely transformational volunteer opportunity

Currently a Mentor?
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