Local resources during COVID-19 
This list of resources linked above includes information on meal services, social and educational caregiving, as well as information on elder care. Please feel free to use and/or distribute this information however you would like to.
Downtown Care Guide
The Downtown Care Guide is intended to connect homeless individuals to the resources most relevant to them, including for food, shelter, case management, physical or mental healthcare, and more. Most of the resources are located in Downtown San Diego, although some are located within a 5 mile radius of Downtown.
You are welcome to download, print, reproduce, and share the Care Guide! 
The above link is part of a campaign by to provide information to seniors and their families in the community who might be in need of free assistance for their senior care needs (including information and resources regarding health and safety during COVID-19).
Point-In-Time Count Results
Every January, the Regional Task Force on the Homeless organizes hundreds of volunteers to count and interview homeless individuals across the county, to assess the current state of homelessness in San Diego. The better we understand the homeless population, the better equipped we are to help. 2018's results are now in.
Opening Comments - Lyssa Melonakos
Volunteer Mentor Training
Every few months, we offer trainings for volunteers who will serve in our mentorship program for adults transitioning out of homelessness. Our most recent training occurred on September 15th, 2018. Check out the recordings below.
Domestic Violence - Christine Garcia
Addiction - John Savidge
Mental Illness - Julie Benn
Incarceration - Ben Conarroe
The Essence of Mentoring - Russ Lenk