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Our Mission

To unite the Church and partner with the community to serve the vulnerable in Downtown San Diego.

With the guidance and support of scripture, the Holy Spirit, and prayer, we do this through:

  • Collaboration: between churches, ministries, businesses, civic leaders, and agencies concerned for the welfare of the community.

  • Advocacy: bringing to bear the collective voice of our members and partners to correct injustices where they exist.

  • Relationships: meaningful, long-lasting relationships across community groups with spiritual well-being as the priority.

  • Resource Coordination: deploying resources for the most efficient and meaningful impact through ministry network and community partnerships.

  • Empowerment: training, educating, resourcing, and encouraging our members and volunteers in ministry and service.​

...imagine with us.


Downtown Fellowship of Churches & Ministries

320 Date St San Diego, CA 92101

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