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Serving Together
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More Information:

During the COVID-19 Shelter-in-place order, grant money has come into the County of San Diego through FEMA to fund temporary housing for homeless individuals. The money is funding both hotels and the San Diego Convention Center as temporary housing options for these individuals.


Our friends at Downtown Partnership's Clean & Safe Program have asked the faith community to specifically assist 15 of their clients who were selected and are sheltered in hotels as they work to find permanent housing.

It is our goal to raise $5000 for these 15 neighbors (approximately $335 per person) who are currently experiencing homelessness (have some basic income) and are preparing to transition into permanent residences as soon as they are able.

Items we will purchase for each individual with the funds raised:

  • Bed Sheets

  • Pillows

  • Towels 

  • Dinnerware

  • Basic furniture

  • Clothing

  • Small appliances 

It is our hope to continue building relationships with these individuals as they transition out of homelessness and support them in the form of mentorship.

Donations of any of the above items (new: Bed Sheets, Pillows, Towels | Used/Good Condition: Dinnerware sets, basic furniture, clothing, small appliances) are considered based on current health guidelines.

Checks can be made out to Downtown Fellowship at 320 Date Street San Diego, CA 92101

Donations are tax deductible | Tax ID #46-3979144

Contact Rachel Killion for questions:

Serving Together seeks to serve people who are living on the streets, primarily through building trusting relationships. These trusting relationships can then lead to significant life changes, spiritual transformation, connections to resources, and restoration to the community.
Our Serving Together outreach provides a volunteer experience that exposes community members to the realities of street life and gives them a concrete way to get involved. We give Christians the chance to live out their faith by showing the love of Christ to San Diego's most vulnerable residents in a personal, relational way.
The practical steps involve meeting each person where they are and...
  1. building a trusting relationship
  2. assessing their true physical, emotional, and spiritual needs
  3. providing the appropriate resources to assist the person in resolving their needs.
We recognize that both individual needs and the needs of the greater community need to be met. Our ultimate goal is to build up the spiritual and social health of each person and encourage their re-entry into the greater community, while improving the community at large.
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